USA Women’s Sled Tryouts

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It’s that time of year again. Sledge hockey players around North America are sharpening their blades and re-taping their sticks with the hopes of making their respective national teams.

Photo courtesy Buffalo Sled Hockey (@BUFsledhockey)

One of the most exciting aspects this season is the announcement of a brand new USA National Women’s Developmental Team. The main USA women’s team has only existed for a couple of years, competing against women’s teams from Canada and Europe in mainly friendly tournaments but with the possibility of women’s sledge hockey becoming part of the Paralympics in a few years, this is the perfect opportunity for the US coaching staff to start making long term plans.

The fact that USA sees a need for a second team is a sign of how popular the sport is becoming amongst women. While it’s only a small team at the moment, with 6 players selected, the development team will definitely be interesting to watch.

Liz Davis is one of the players who was selected for the developmental team.  A winger on the Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association Falcons in Illinois, she has only been playing sledge hockey for a couple of years and was thrilled to find out she’d made the cut.

It felt amazing! I’ve only been playing competitively for a year, so being on the development team gives me a great opportunity to grow and I’m really excited for that.

The full USA Women’s Sled Hockey Team roster has several familiar names on it, including Kelsey DiClaudio and Erica Mitchell who scored a ridiculous number of points between them at the 2014 IPC Ice Sledge Hockey Women’s International Cup!

  • Brynn Duncan (F)
  • Christy Gardner (F)
  • Elizabeth Mayberry (G)
  • Erica Mitchell (D)
  • Karen Smith (G)
  • Katie Ladlie (F)
  • Kelly Lavoie (D)
  • Kelsey DiClaudio (F)
  • Khrista Matthews (D)
  • Laurie Wood (F)
  • Maddie Eberhard (F)
  • Monica Quimby (D)
  • Morgan Hosbrough (D)
  • Rachel Grusse (F)
  • Robynne Hill (D)
  • Sarah Bettencourt (F)
  • Susie Kluting (F)

The six players selected to the developmental team are:

  • Abby Hess
  • Karina Villegas
  • Kelly Anne Stallkamp
  • Laurel Lawson
  • Leanne Smith
  • Liz Davis

The Canadian Women’s Team has its tryouts this coming weekend in Ontario (it may not be too late to head on over if you’re interested!), and it will be interesting to see if they decide to follow USA and form their own developmental team.

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