Sledge Hockey Results 8th – 10th Jan

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A round up of sledge hockey results from this weekend.

Like most weekends during the sledge hockey season, there were a lot of games taking place. A friendly tournament in California was running alongside league games from the Midwest, Northeast and Southern sled hockey leagues in the USA, as well as OSHA league games in Canada. The Czech sledge hockey league also had games happening, as did teams in Italy.

Please note that there are other games that I couldn’t find the scores for.  If you can fill me in on any of them, please let me know.

For sources of score updates, click on the [x] next to the result!

Midwest Sled Hockey League

DASA St Louis Blues 4-2 San Antonio Rampage [x] San Antonio Rampage 3-2 (SO) Colorado Avalanche [x]

Southern Sled Hockey League

Nashville Sled Preds 3-1 Carolina Hurricanes [x, x] Atlanta Sparks 2-1 KAHA [x]  (Note: KAHA is a mixed team of Knoxville & Nashville players)
Atlanta Sparks 2-0 Space Coast Hurricanes [x] Carolina Hurricanes 3-2 Atlanta Sparks [x, x] Space Coast Hurricanes 0-3 Carolina Hurricanes [x] Carolina Hurricanes 0-0 KAHA [x] Atlanta Sparks 2-3 Nashville Sled Preds [x]

Northeast Sled Hockey League

(You can see a bunch of photos from the games in Aston PA on the NESHL Facebook page!)

CT Wolfpack 3-5 Bennett Blazers [x] USA Warriors 3-2 (SO) PHL Flyers [x] NEP Wildcats 5-0 Bennett Blazers [x] NY Rangers 3-1 PHL Flyers [x] NEP Wildcats 3-2 NJ Freeze [x] CT Wolfpack 1-3 NJ Freeze [x] USA Warriors 6-1 NY Rangers [x] NEP Wildcats 6-2 PHL Flyers [x] NY Rangers 5-0 Bennett Blazers [x] CT Wolfpack 4-3 PHL Flyers [x] NY Rangers 4-5 (SO) NJ Freeze [x] USA Warriors 2-3 (SO) NEP Wildcats [x] NJ Freeze 4-1 Bennett Blazers [x] CT Wolfpack 0-5 USA Warriors [x] NEP Wildcats 0-6 VT Sledcats [x] W MA Knights 5-0 New England Warriors [x] NEP Wildcats 0-5 W MA Knights [x] New England Warriors 1-5 VT Sledcats [x]

Mid American Great Lakes League

Grand Rapids Sled Wings 2-5 Michigan Sled Dogs [x] Ohio United vs Fort Wayne Turnstones (TBC)
Fort Wayne Turnstones vs Grand Rapids Sled Wings (TBC)
Buffalo Sabres 11-0 Fort Wayne Turnstones [x] Michigan Sled Dogs 1-6 Ohio United [x] Grand Rapids Sled Wings 0-5 Buffalo Sabres [x] Grand Rapids Sled Wings vs Ohio United (TBC)
Michigan Sled Dogs 2-4 Buffalo Sabres [x] Fort Wayne Turnstones 0-7 Michigan Sled Dogs [x] Ohio United 5-1 Buffalo Sabres [x]

Delaware Valley Sled Hockey League

Palmyra Black Knights 5-1 Virtua Wings of Steel [x, x] Bennett Blazers 6-5 Hammerheads [x] DC Sled Sharks vs Hammerheads (TBC)

Ontario Sledge Hockey Association League

Juniors: Northumberland Predators 3-1 Simcoe County Sliders [x] Intermediate: Buffalo 4-1 Mississauga Silver Streaks [x] Intermediate: Elmvale Bears vs Markham Islanders (TBC)
Intermediate: Ottawa Senators vs Durham Steelhawks (TBC)
Elite: Buffalo Sabres 1-0 Ottawa Senators [x, x]

LA Kings Sled Tournament

San Diego Ducks vs Arizona Coyotes (TBC)
Colorado Avalanche 7-0 LA Kings [x] Arizona Coyotes vs LA Kings (TBC)
Colorado Avalanche 1-0 San Diego Ducks [x] Arizona Coyotes 4-0 Colorado Avalanche [x] San Diego Ducks vs LA Kings (TBC)
Bronze Medal Game: LA Kings vs San Diego Ducks (TBC)
Gold Medal Game: Arizona Coyotes 1-2 (SO) Colorado Avalanche

International Friendly Game

(This game was held during the Midwest Sled Hockey League event in Missouri.  The All-Stars team was made up of mostly USA National team players from RIC Blackhawks, Colorado Avalanche, DASA St Louis Blues and San Antonio Rampage).

Midwest All-Stars 1-0 Korean National Team [x, x]

Czech Sledge Hockey League

Pardubice 4-1 Studenka [x] Zlin 20-0 Litvinov [x] D. Kubin 5-7 K. Vary [x] Pardubice 6-0 Olomouc [x] Praha 5-2 Studenka [x, x] C. Budejovice 1-4 Viden [x] Zlin 4-0 K. Vary [x] D. Kubin 6-0 Litvinov [x] Praha 12-0 Olomouc [x]

Italian League

(With these two games, South Tyrol have become the league champions in Italy, taking home the prestigious Italy Cup! [x])

South Tyrol Eagles 4-2 Torino Sitting Bulls [x, x] South Tyrol Eagles 4-1 Torino Sitting Bulls [x]

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