Lapp Cup Zlín 2017

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Lapp Cup Zlín - 7 to 9 September 2017

Lapp Cup Zlín – 7 to 9 September 2017

For the last few years, the Czech sledge hockey season has started with the Lapp Cup Zlín tournament, and this year is no different.

It’s a club level tournament for teams in Europe, and this year there were seven teams from six countries participating: FIFH Malmö (Sweden), South Tyrol Eagles (Italy), Carinthian Steelers and Vienna Warriors (Austria), Perspektiva Russia (Russia), Bencont Dolný Kubín (Slovakia) and of course, home team SHK LAPP Zlín.

The tournament began on Thursday 7 September, with the opening game featuring Vienna Warriors and FIFH Malmö, and ended today, Saturday 9 September, with Vienna Warriors again, this time facing off against SKH LAPP Zlín.

Perspektiva Russia were the clear winners of the tournament, winning each of their games, and racking up an impressive 80 goals across their six games, while not conceding a single one. South Tyrol Eagles came in second, with FIFH Malmö hot on their heels.

On the Russian team, there were two clear standout players: Nikolai Terentev and Konstantin Shikhov, both of whom will be familiar names to anyone who has been following international sledge hockey for a while. South Tyrol eagles spread their goalscoring out a little more, with their 19 goals scored by 8 different players, most notably Werner Winker and Gianluigi Rosa from the Italian national team.

All of the games were streamed live on YouTube, and can still be watched through the website at You can also see the full rosters and the gamesheets for the whole tournament on the site.

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